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16 April 2010 @ 11:34 am
Monday the 19th Sale  
Don't forget that April's sale was pushed to Monday the 19th. The items that go on sale are Evil Lyn, Hordak (reissue), and the Weapons Pak. Wun Dar is also being shipped to subscribers.

And Speaking of the Weapons Pak, here's what's included:


*Hordak's crossbow in white (this is the vintage color)
*Beast Man's whip in red (the original was black)
*Zodak's armor, blaster and staff in purple (as opposed to red)
*Beast Man's chest and shoulder armor in yellow (originally orange...ish)
*He-Man's sword, shield, and axe in blue (originals were gray)
*Man at Arm's blaster and knife redecos (these were originally supposed to come packaged with Trap Jaw, but they ran out of room in the package)
*Scareglow's halberd in gray (without the glow-in-the-dark feature)
*Moss Man's club in gray (the original was brown)
*Webstor's blaster in gray (as opposed to orange)
*Electronic Power Sword with green highlights (like the 200x version)
*Stratos' jet pack in red (not blue)
*Tri Klops sword in silver (the original was green)

For a closer look at the new colored accessories, check out the fwoosh's pics of the new items on the figures they originally came with:

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