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13 April 2010 @ 07:52 am
SDCC 2010 Exclusive Figures Revealed  
Mattel revealed several of the SDCC Masters of the Universe Exclusive figures last night on G4's Attack of the Show. For those of you (like me) who had no interest in watching that drek, here's this years figures:

It's Orko and Prince Adam! In a somewhat strange decision, Mattel decided to pack Adam into Orko's packaging as an "accessory." Thus, the bio on the back of the package will be Orko's alone, and will not be Adam's.

Adam is shown here with the standard He-Man head which will be included as his accessory. (An accessory for and accessory?) His normal head (it's a little hard to see) will have a bit of a smirk to it. He also comes with the magenta Power Sword and half-sword. His vest will also be sculpted instead of felt.

The SDCC version of Orko will be cast in translucent plastic and has a color change feature when dipped in hot water. He turns "invisible." He will also be packaged with his magic wand, flight stand, and a book of spells. (Regular Mattycollector version is pictured on the right of the screen)

Another part of the SDCC exclusive version is the spellbook, which, when exposed to hot water, reveals the horrendously tacky SDCC logo on the front of it.

The other figures exclusive to the show will be Mo-Larr and toothless Skeletor 2-Pack. Orko / Adam will be $25.00 both at the show and on Mattycollector after the show and Mo-Larr / Toothless Skeletor will be $40.00 and also be offered on the website after the show.
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